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Friday, July 22, 2005

Back To The East Coast…With a Little Detour

I’ve had a great time being back home in California… It was awesome to see my family and reconnect with many friends. My roommate Jules came home with me and the two of us stayed at Mitch and Jan Baird’s house. We had a blast staying at the Bairds, Jan you’re the best! It was just what the doctor ordered.

I’m flying back to the East Coast right now. I have a twenty four hour layover in Omaha Nebraska, although there’s not a lot to do in Omaha, I’m looking forward to eating at “Famous Dave’s” again. This place has the best barbequed food I’ve ever had in my life!

Tuesday evening at The Comedy & Magic Club was unbelievable, I laughed so hard. What surprised me even more is how many people came and showed their support, it was sold out! I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this evening possible. Especially, Mike Lacey, you’re the most generous and sincere person I have ever met. You bless so many people, I feel honored to know you.

I’ve been experiencing some nagging side effects as a result of PDX, the worst is nose bleeds. Not little nose bleeds, profuse bleeds that last up to 45 minutes. Its summer and I have the inability to wear light colored clothes! :-) There are a couple of other side effects that are not severe, but also need to be addressed. Dr. O’Connor is on vacation until late this month and my parents and I have a meeting with him on August 1st. The plan is to address these issues and decide whether I should pursue another treatment regimen with less severe side effects while maintaining stabilization and spread of the disease. However, if we can get the side effects sorted out, I’ll go forward and continue with the current treatment. There is a small possibility that I will be able to resume my treatment in California. I just want to be where God wants me. Please pray for wisdom.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

Fighting 2 Win,


Friday, July 08, 2005

A Memorably July 4th...

It's July 5th and I'm in Adult Day Hospital at Sloan Kettering waiting to be called in for treatment, but more so recounting the events of my 4th of July. My first Independence Day in New York City, it was awesome!

My friend Julia and I came into the city with plans to go to Battery Park, near the Statue of Liberty, in lower Manhattan to watch the fireworks... But, when we arrived at Ronald McDonald House, they informed us that they were having a private party for the house guest's right under the Queensboro Bridge on the East River! NYPD picked everyone up in a police bus, and escorted us to the venue. It was simply gorgeous.

NYPD sponsored the event; they stayed and took pictures with all the younger kids, and grilled countless hamburgers and hotdogs! It was just a fun atmosphere, thank you to everyone who generously put this event together and volunteered their time and their holiday!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm waiting for treatment. I'm still receiving PDX, but a different regimen schedule. The schedule is three weeks of treatment, one week of rest, three weeks of treatment, and then scans. As of now, I'm doing good and feeling great! I am looking forward to coming home next week. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Comedy and Magic Club on the 19th.

Fight 2 Win,


Monday, July 04, 2005

Back On PDX…

This past week has been fairly quiet… Last Monday (6/27) I had another round of PDX and it went well and outside of some minor nausea after treatment, I feel good and my next treatment is scheduled Tuesday, July 5th.

We’re in the process of figuring out an ongoing treatment schedule starting in September. Dr. O’Connor, my parents & I are trying to get this sorted out within the next few weeks. In all honesty, I’m not sure how this is all going to happen. But, either way, I’m starting school again, I just don’t know if it’s going to be on the East, or West Coast?

The date for the benefit at the Comedy & Magic Club has been changed. Initially, it was scheduled for July 13th. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and the date has been rescheduled to July 19th. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Thanks again for your prayers and support, have a safe and happy 4th of July, God bless you all.

Fighting 2 Win,