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Thursday, November 24, 2005

California Trip Cut Short…

I was supposed to be in California for 20 days, unfortunately, my trip was cut short and I’m back on the East Coast...
Initially, I was supposed to receive GND on November 28th, but the date was pushed forward until the 21st. My parents made arrangements for treatment in California, unfortunately, none of my doctors had ever heard of the protocol. The cool part was they were still willing to learn and Dr. O’s office at Sloan Kettering faxed 115 pages of regimen and treatment information. But, in all honesty, I didn’t feel comfortable with the scenario and I took a Corporate Angels flight back to the East Coast early Sunday morning.

The good news was that I was able to be home for my Dad’s 44th birthday and I will be home for Christmas. The bad news, I’ll be unable to be home for Thanksgiving or,at the Comedy and Magic Club on the 29th.

I was treated at Sloan Kettering yesterday afternoon, I’m feeling
“so-so” today; I’m resting and taking it easy. My next treatment
is the December 5th.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Fighting 2 Win,


Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Feelin' Spunky...

Alright, we got a lot to talk about… First off- I know it’s been I while, I missed you all…

I’m trying to think of were to begin? Ok, I like to sleep in, it doesn’t hurt anybody and it makes me happy. Sidebar: For all of my west coast friends, try wrapping this one around your brain: out here, Dunkin’ Donuts- is on par with like Starbucks, but they have a Burger King like breakfast menu. Ok, now you have been buffed…

My Mom flew in Saturday afternoon, I have not seen her in a while, and it’s not often that she has the opportunity to come out to the East Coast. I was very thankful that she was able to come out here. My Mom has the belief that if you get up early- world peace will occur, no- I'm just kidding- she’s just a fan of waking up before God intended. SO at 5:30 SUNDAY MORNING I wake up to my Mother and a Crossandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts in my face saying, “I have breakfast! Get up! Let’s eat!” It was still dark outside. However, we had a lot of fun and by her 3rd day here, I wasn’t woken up until 9:00AM.

I went in for my second round of Gemsitabine on Monday, but I had an appointment with Dr O first. They gave me this piece of paper to fill out and they wanted me to write down every medication I’m taking. Having me write down every medication I’m taking, would be like asking you to write down every time you’ve almost stopped at that yellow light, or for my California people, every time you’ve rolled through a stop sign. I was woken up really early that morning and I already had a little spunk goin’ on. The paper asked for the name of the medication, the start/stop date, when you take it and what are the side effects. This is how I filled it out: Medication: A little green pill/ Start/Stop Date: The dawn of time / When do you take it: When I itch / Side effects: I stop itching. My hope was that they would never give me one of these forms again. My plan backfired and now Dr O said it’s going to be his weekly entertainment.

The side effects from Hodgkin’s are diminishing, and I give credit to Dr. O and his treatment regimen. The chemo only makes me feel like I have a touch of the flu on the first day and that’s it. Here is the fabulous news; I have not itched in 48 hours! (this is the part where Heaven opens up and the angels sing) I am so excited!. I only have one more round left and that’s in 3 weeks. So, I get to go home and see my family for a little while. I’ll be home for My Dad’s birthday and for Thanksgiving. Being around the table for Thanksgiving dinner has a very deep meaning and a opportunity I do not take for granted. Three years ago, I spent Christmas and New Years at UCLA receiving a stem cell transplant with a 50/50 chance of survival. Today, although I’m not cured, they’ve made the disease manageable, I’m still here, living life and Fighting 2 Win…