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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Side Effects...

No joke, I am still a little under the weather… I’ll explain. I have a very painful sore throat, which I thought was a result of the cold. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t, it turned out that I have mucusitis. Which is like having a thousand tiny little cuts covering the surface of my throat, it’s caused by having low blood counts from GND. I’m just glad there is a diagnosis and we can treat it and move on! Hallelujah! But, I still have the cough and yes, it drives me nuts.

I have been staying in California and it’s been awesome! I love being back home! I must confess, I do miss seeing Dr. O and his staff, I am flying back to New York later this month and it is on my schedule to at least say hi!

We had a minor mishap this week; the Guestbook from the website was deleted. The Webmaster is unsure how this happened, there were several thousands entries, and to be completely honest it was my favorite part of the site. The unfortunate thing is the “Host Server” did not have a data back up and the entries are gone. We’re adding another Guestbook early next week.

Other than being a little under the weather I have been living life. I hang out with my friends and family and I just enjoy all of life’s little things. I could not be more thankful for everything that God has provided. I am in constant awe of the e-mails that I receive from people sharing their prayers and support. It floors me. Thank you so much.

God Bless & Fight 2 Win,