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Friday, August 18, 2006

Life Is Good, No Complaints…

So, I’ve been here in New York for five days with my cousin Aaron and I have to tell you even though I’m out here getting treatment, we’re having a good time!

I’ve been receiving treatment in California for the past two months (the commute is a little easier) however, it was great to see Dr. O and company (I MISSED YOU GUYS)

I have some good news, I only have two more treatments of GND and then I’m done! WHOO HOO! Here is the best part, the regimen that I have wanted to do since I relapsed two years ago, SAHA and is available IN A PILL FORM! I will most likely start that sometime between September and mid-October. Please pray for me as I am getting ready to start this new trial. I am really excited about this one. No IV’s, no chemo, no hair loss. In fact the only side effect is weight loss… I KNOW! When I saw Dr. O he told me to bulk up, which I must confess at the time really didn’t float my boat.

I arrive back in Los Angeles on Wednesday and hopefully I’ll have some new pictures to share with you all.

I just want to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers and showed their support. You’re all a blessing from God, and I am in awe of the love I have received.

Fight 2 Win & God bless,