Alese Coco's Journey through Hodgkins Disease

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Monday, June 25, 2007

NY Bound…

Off to New York...Efforts to get the foundation off the ground have been moving in a positive direction.

Alese was never a person who was “star stuck”, in her mind people are people and although we agree with her mindset. We’re taken back as we’ve gone through her address book on her cell phone; she had many influential and powerful friends and all have agreed to help with this cause.

One example of this came last week when the Commission of Major League Baseball wrote us and they’re going to begin contributing to Alese’s Foundation. We are honored for their participation.

This trip is non-stop meetings and we’re hoping we’ve allowed for enough time to complete all the tasks.

Construction for the foundation's website is underway… I’ll provide the address when construction is complete. We’ve decided to make a completely different site; this site will remain totally intact as is. However, the two sites will be interlinked.

Father, please continue to guide our steps, may your will in our live be done, as in all things, we give you praise. Thank you for the willingness of so many who want to help us with this effort. Father, please help us find a cure for this disease.



The Coco’s

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Positive News…

We’re headed to New York the last week of June…

This week was spent scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements. Planning this first meeting proved challenging on two fronts:

First, we’re still grieving and without question, we’re moving slowly. Second, trying to arrange a meeting for three very busy people has proven difficult.

Some positive things are happening and we’ll make several announcements in the coming weeks, we want to make sure everything is firmly in place before anything is announced.

I will convey that research for treating recurrent Hodgkin’s disease is on the horizon and Alese would be proud.

We built a memory garden in our back yard last week, my wonderful friend Jan came over and helped me all day Friday. It’s beautiful and we’ll post pictures soon.

Knowing that Shallyn does not read these posts, I’ll share this information. Alese began planning a 21st birthday party for Shallyn in early March and then everything stopped. As we began picking up the emotional pieces, I realized that I failed to mail out invitations and I began calling people. If I left anyone out, please write me on this website or my personal email for information. Alese was very much looking forward to being part party.

Father, as we take steps forward, please guide our path, and give us peace, strength and courage, let our lives be pleasing to you in all things. As we make plans for Alese’s foundation, please guide our path, give these three wonderful people wisdom and let us raise money to fund research that will bring cure to this disease. Amen


The Coco’s

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hard To Believe... Four Weeks Ago.

It was four weeks ago yesterday Alese passed…

It still seems so surreal and at this point I don’t know if we’re even out of the shock phase of this process?

At 1:20 p.m. yesterday our family met at home and together we shared a moment of silence in the memory of our precious daughter and sister. I cannot fully describe all the feelings we’ve all been experiencing over the last four weeks, but this week it has really hit me really hard.

Everything seems so different and it seems strange not to have her next to us.Her light, her voice, her laughter all still permeates through my thoughts daily. I miss her so much but yet still feel a sense of peace and feel blessed to have had her for 23 years. What an incredible gift she was.

Dear heavenly Father we come to you with grateful hearts, and feel blessed by the love you have shown us in so many ways. We thank you for carrying us when we cannot walk, and when it seems the storm is unbearable your rays of sunlight show through the clouds. You’re an awesome God and we look forward to the day we see your amazing face. Amen.


The Coco's