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Monday, May 05, 2008

One Year Later…

Without question, this has been a difficult twelve months and it’s hard to fathom that a year has passed…

There is not a day, not an hour, not a span of five or ten minutes that goes by that we do not think about her.

I should clarify, by no means is there a 24 hour crying fest going on in the Coco household. Ninety percent of the time our thoughts are positive as we reflect on Alese’s life with joy. However, she’s always at the forefront of our thoughts and we miss her more than words can say.

May 7th will be spent quietly, we’re staying together as a family, no one is going to work or school… We’ve asked our family and some friends to join at her graveside for a private service. This is the first time any one from our family has been to her graveside since her burial.

We request your prayers during through this difficult day.

The Fight 2 Win campaign has begun… We’ve received formal written notification from the IRS, awareness and fundraising activities will begin shortly. The site will officially be launched and active on May 7th, if you have a moment, please visit, on or after May 7, 2008

We have many, many friends who continue to battle Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and we ask you to pray from them and their families. We understand what these families continue to endure and we ask for God’s healing hand and mercy to touch their lives.


The Coco’s

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