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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Memories…

This has been a busy summer…

On July 17th, Paul was in New York for a day of meetings, he was on the ground for ten hours and in the air for eleven… The following day, the Board of Directors convened in Torrance for event planning and fund raising activity. Although things are going a little slower than we anticipated, progress is taking place and the Fight 2 Win Campaign continues moves forward in a positive direction.

Last night, Shallyn left for New York, she’s going to take part in several meetings and will be on the east coast for just under a week.

We were going through our closet a few nights ago and we found a video camera with a tape inside. The battery was dead, so, we charged it and to our surprise the entire thirty minute tape was of Alese and her friend Rebecca driving from New Jersey to New York City in May 2006. It was amazing to see her feeling good and full of life just a year prior to her untimely passing. It was good for all of us to see that even when she was seriously ill, she lived life to the fullest and suffered very little.

Alese & Rebecca in New York

I’ll share a humorous related story to their trip… Alese and Rebecca flew home from New York to Los Angeles with a large pharmaceutical company. At the time, the CEO was a man named Dr. Tadataka (Tachi) Yamada. When she boarded the plane, Alese was herself, full of life, love and laughter. After the introductions Dr. Yamada look at them and says; “Which one of you is sick?” Alese responds; “I am.” He looks back at her and says; “You don’t look sick.” Alese responds: “Really!! That means so much to me, thank you.” However, his thoughts and her thoughts were going two different directions. Alese is thinking I’m so glad I look normal and not like the typical cancer patient. Dr. Yamada is thinking this girl isn’t sick and I’m concerned that she’s trying to get a free ride to California on the companies Gulfstream. Prior to departure, he invites her to sit down and begins asking her about her condition. A few seconds into the conversation, Alese realizes his trepidation and she began sharing her story with him, which included showing him her “battle wounds” (surgery scars) He finally asked; “Who treats you and where are you being treated?” She replies; “I’m treated by Owen O’Connor at Sloan Kettering.” With that, he was satisfied and his doubt resolved. A few weeks after that flight, Dr. Yamada left his position and became the President for the Global Health Program for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a position he currently maintains.

This website is going to have a minor overhaul in mid August, the content will remain in tact; we’re going to make some minor changes and updates.

The Fight 2 Win site will also be going through some changes; additional buttons will be added and detailed information about research and upcoming events will be included.

Father, we are in awe of your faithfulness and how you care for our every need. Thank you for loving us and for the gift of salvation when you sent your Son to save a dying world. Lord, today, may we make a difference in someone’s life. Touch the lives and hearts of many who are hurting, fill their hearts with hope and give them joy knowing our eternal reward is near.


The Coco’s

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