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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little Bump…

As a family we’re taking steps and making strides to move forward without Alese, we refer to this as a “new normal”. Life for our family will never be how it was without Alese with us.

One thing Paul and Mark have done for years is to ride dirt bikes together; they ride in the desert, at motocross tracks and just trail rides in the mountains. On January 2nd, they were out in the Mojave Desert and Paul took a fairly serious fall, breaking two ribs, along with three vertebrae his back. After spending two nights in hospital in Kern County he was released. A few days later, we saw neurosurgeon Dr. Todd Lanman, who suggested that Paul undergo surgery to repair the broken vertebrae, which he did the following day. The fractured ribs will heal in time. He’s moving slowly, but thankfully he’s moving.

After everything we’ve been through, this is honestly a little bump in the road and we’re grateful that good things have come out of this unfortunate scenario. Shallyn met the ambulance when it arrived at the trauma center and accompanied Paul as he was wheeled in. We have always felt strongly that every patient must have an advocate and Paul said Shallyn was unbelievable. As doctor began asking questions, she just stepped up and literally controlled the first minutes of his care. The experience that she gained interacting with doctors and nurses during Alese’s illness worked to Paul benefit and she refused to allow them to even move him without first giving him pain medication. After a heated debate that lasted several minutes, she prevailed and they did everything she requested prior to any treatment.

During the course of trying to determine what was broken and not broken, a CT scan revealed a mass on one of his kidney the size of a tennis ball. At this point, doctors do not believe its anything serious; however, he will undergo surgery to have mass removed. At this time, a surgery date has not be set.

I want to update you on the status for the Alese Coco - Fight 2 Win Campaign. We’re still waiting to receive tax exempt status, it’s our understanding this will be completed by the end of February. Until then, we continue to plan.

Father in all things we give thanks and we’re grateful for bringing Dr. Lanman into our lives and for his willingness to help. We ask that Paul will have quick recovery and we pray Father for so many friends afflicted with Hodgkin’s disease. We ask you Father to heal their bodies, bring comfort their families and allow our efforts to make a difference in how this horrendous cancer is treated.


The Coco’s

P.S. Paul’s treasured Honda is being sold and I’ve told him this is a non-arguable issue.