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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Community Remembers...

I received a lot of emails over the past two weeks from people asking if we were going to update the journal…

A Community Remembers

I apologize for not posting sooner, but life has been full. About three weeks ago, Mark came home from a birthday party complaining of stomach pains… In short, he had his appendix removed. It’s kind of a funny story, so I’ll share what happened. Paul took Mark to the ER around midnight on a Saturday evening, doctors wanted to observe Mark and admitted him, Paul spent the night with him at Torrance Memorial and in the morning we switched, Paul went home to catch up on some much needed sleep and I came in to stay with Mark. Ten minutes after I arrived, the surgeon walks in… He’s looking at me like…”I know you…” I’m looking at him thinking the same thing. Then it dawns on me, this is the same surgeon that I told six years prior that I did not want him operating on Alese… It was not that he had a bad reputation, in fact he was well respected, but at the time Alese was newly diagnosed and I was not used to the bedside manners of many surgeons. I looked at him and said… “Do you remember me?” Without missing a beat he says… “Yes, Mrs. Coco.” Ten minutes later Mark was in the operating room, he spent another night in the hospital and he was released on Monday. He was sore for a few weeks, but now life is back to normal. After going through cancer, everything seems trivial.

Paul’s father Eddie had his appendix removed when he was 14, Paul had a severe appendicitis when he was 13, but they did not remove them and Mark is a few weeks away from his thirteenth birthday… Genetic.

My dear friend Deborah Ames died last Wednesday… She was a wonderful and incredibly friend to so many people. Deborah had ovarian cancer. She leaves behind her husband Cliff, daughter Nadine, and son Cliff Jr. Deborah will be dearly missed, please join me in praying for her family during these difficult days.

There are many things going on right now with the Fight 2 Win Campaign… Paul is in New York on July 17th and there is a Board meeting in Torrance on the 18th. A lot of good things are happening and there will be several wonderful announcements that will be made in the coming weeks. I ask for your continued prayer as this campaign moves forward.

Father, thank you for guiding our steps and leading our paths as we journey through life… Lord, I ask that you bring the Ames family comfort during these difficult days and fill their sorrowed hearts with peace knowing that Deborah's eternally rests in your arms. Father, we ask that you continue to guide this campaign and touch the lives of so many battling Hodgkin’s Disease.


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